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Summer lovin’…….

June 4, 2012

Had me a blaaast.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say or think the phrase “summer loving” without channeling a bit of Sandy and Danny.  Grease, it’s a part of me.  And I know I’m not the only one who has willingly participated in more than one Grease skit.  That movie provided for some gems (and by “gems,” I mean skits only parents could tolerate, and that’s only because disowning a 12 year old is a bit of a process).  But my love for re-enacting greaser musicals isn’t the point of this post (insert your sigh of relief here)…..  the point of today’s little ditty summer must-haves, and here’s a list of mine:

1.  Mrs. Myers Cleaner in Basil – I love Mrs. Myers potions in general, but I REALLY love the Basil fragrance during the summer, so fresh and clean smelling.

2.  Chapstic with SPF 15 – I don’t necessarily have a go-to brand/type, but whatever I have MUST have a minimum of SPF 15.  Typically, I buy whatever’s on sale at the checkout register at the grocery store and usually get one every time I go through the line.  You can NOT have too many, especially if you happen to have a little turkey who likes to take them, use them, and then proceed to hide them from both you and himself.

3.  Spray Paint – I’m a fan of the ACE stuff, but it all comes down to color and price.  Summer is PERFECT for tackling those spray painting projects!  With the warm weather, you can get through all the needed layers of paint in no time flat. 

4.  Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter Lotion – This lotion will forever be imbedded in my brain as the smell of summer.  I fell in love with this stuff my first year lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons and have used it every summer since.  It’s not overly heavy, but does its job – even in those sun-baked, chlorine filled summers, I never felt leathery.  And for the awesome price of $2.49 for a HUGE bottle (we’re talking like 48+ ounces here people), it’s SO worth it.

5.  Otter-Pops – Who doesn’t love an Otter-Pop?!  Exactly.  If you have munchkins, these are perfect, especially since they’re cheap enough that you won’t get too upset when said munchkins drop part of one.

6.  Sun Tea – Setting a jar with tea in the sun to marinate is one of my favorite things about summer.  Sun just makes everything taste better.  Now, if you can find a large glass jug with an easy dispense spout that DOESN’T leak, you’re in business.

7.  Fresh Herbs – I can’t get enough of the fresh basil and cilantro!  The fresh mint in the sun tea is a big plus too.

8.  Mango-Pineapple Salsa – I could eat this stuff like candy.  Mangos, pineapple, red onion, cilantro, lime juice….  super simple and amazingly delicious.  Make it and keep a LARGE container on hand in the fridge.

9.  Margaritas – Nothing says summer like a blended, alcohol containing drink.  I plan on browsing Pinterest and making a point to test out many of the lovely pins. =)

10.  Library Card – It’s that time of year when the majority of my favorite shows are on summer hiatus.  Since I can handle reruns, I stock up at the library and fill my boys-have-gone-to-bed time with new reads that I don’t make time for during prime show season.  Best time ever to catch up on the books everyone’s raving about (or are currently being made into movies).


What about you?  What are your must-haves for summer?

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