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You’re just so…. unpredictable.

May 7, 2012

Please read the title to the tune of “You’re Just So Unbelievable” – that lovely gem from the 90’s music line-up. It doesn’t really make the title any more clever, and definitely not any more poetic, but singing anything to a 90’s tune makes me smile, and really, who couldn’t use a little smile on a Monday.

And now, here’s the rest of the story….. (If you can guess who I’m channeling when I say that line, big kudos to you. Apparently I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this morning.)

I was wondering what to write about today; the events of the weekend (which included a trip to the ER, an anniversary, and the realization of just how spoiled the boys are), a commentary of just how out of shape I am (and the numerous excuses as to why I seem to not be able to get back on the wagon), or possibly a LOT of photos and thinking out-loud about what to do to the exterior of the house this year. Then, as I had just finished sending a “Happy Birthday” text to one friend and was moving on to reading the newest entry on another friend’s blog, it hit me just how unpredictable friendships can be.

Yes, life in general is unpredictable, but we expect that (unless of course you’re a psychic, but as I’m not one of the lucky few to be in the possession of a crystal ball and no one I know seems to be fessing up to having one, I’m going to say that for the majority of us, life is a complete surprise). What most of us don’t expect, at least not when we’re younger, is that friendships are also unpredictable. When you’re young, it seems unfathomable that your VERY BEST FRIEND in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD may not be your best friend later on in life.

That “Happy Birthday” text I set this morning was to a friend that I despised up until our junior year of high school. And really, “despised” may be putting it gently. In the unpredictable manner of life, that friend was the best man at my wedding (he even sent a text yesterday to say “Happy Anniversary”), B was the best man at his wedding, and he is someone that my kids refer to as “uncle.” Never, in a million years, would I have predicted that turn of events.

Technology has also put an interesting spin on relationships. A friend from school, who I haven’t really seen since high school, has a blog. Let’s take a moment so that I can confess just how much I love blogs – crafty, witty, yummy…. whatever be the theme, I love them. Back on point….. I like checking in on her blog to see what she’s been up to (and get a more in-depth picture than the 3 sentence FB status post). She’s always been well spoken and well written and her blog is a joy to read. Lately, she’s been chronicling her journey through adoption. The other day, I came across an image on Pinterest that screamed her name – I had to send it to her. Today, as I was getting my blog fix, I saw that image on her post. I haven’t seen her in more years than I want to admit (because admitting that number of years just makes me feel OLD – I swear high school wasn’t THAT long ago), we don’t call each other (if we’re being honest, I really don’t call anyone – not because I don’t want to talk to people, I just don’t want to talk on the PHONE to people. Plus, the amount of time I have without a kid screaming in the background is very limited and I’ve discovered that not everyone has become immune to the whine/yell noise that my kids make.), but through the blog we’ve been able to catch up on one another’s’ lives. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought I’d be sending “made me think of you” images to Mel, the answer would have been no, and yet, here we are.

Stopping to think about it for a moment, the few people that I keep in contact with from grade school and high school (other than the occasional FB status or comment) are people that I spent the majority of our school years fighting with. If you asked me in high school who I thought I would be talking to and relating to 15 years from graduation, my answers would have been very different from the reality of today. And you know what, that’s just fine – that’s the unpredictable way of life and everything in it, including friendships.


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  1. June 4, 2012 5:22 am


    Upredictable with happy coincidences and many blessings. :o)

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