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Monday, Monday.

February 7, 2011

Ugh, 6:00 felt VERY early this morning.  I think that’s the case every Monday-after-Super-Bowl.  Actually, I think that’s the case every morning when I’m pregnant, being as how I have to get up every hour and a half to go pee, thanks to this lovely little nugget inside of me that is currently being referred to as Greg the Egg.  But I digress.

Once again, we gathered at our house for Super Bowl.  Now, this is most definitely not because we have the biggest house or nicest TV (we are far from having either).  It’s simply because it’s kid and dog friendly and there are plenty of “toys” to keep the wee ones, the big ones, and the furry ones entertained.   Here’s a run-down of things that kept us entertained this year, other than the big game:

  • Fetch between the kids and dogs
  • Jeep big wheels fun for the kiddos – Nolan was becoming a pro at getting himself unstuck
  • 4-wheeler wheelies by the kiddos
  • Foosball for the kids of ALL sizes, especially the husbands/daddies
  • Trains, crayons, and cartoons
  • Swing sets
  • Shop “stuff” – when all of the guys disappear into the shop together, I don’t ask questions (I’m MUCH better off not knowing)
  • Food – SO MUCH FOOD


Here’s what we didn’t get to, but will be in the wings waiting for the next big get-together:

  • Geo derby cars – regular redneck fun, driving the Geo Metro and Geo Storm in the back pasture, usually up the snow piles.
  • Chicken petting zoo – we (I use this term VEY loosely) are now wranglers of 24 chickens, which the kids love.
  • Golf ball target practice – shooting golf balls out of a potato cannon, the goal being to see who can get closest to whatever target we place out in the pasture.


And these would be reasons why we CANNOT live in town or near neighbors.  Well, some of the reasons anyway – there are many more things that would be frowned upon by neighbors, I’m sure.

It was a GREAT day, filled with friends, fun, and so much FOOD!!  While I love it all, the food is always the magic that makes it all come together.  I LOVE the food that gets brought to get-togethers – it’s a lovely little schmorgasboard, and I make sure that no food feels unloved.  My butt can vouch for that.  After yesterday, tonight’s dinner is going to be such a disappointment.

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    February 18, 2011 4:19 am

    Love love love! Will you post a belly/family/nursery picture? It feels like this pregnancy has flown by…for me 🙂 I am sure you are up all hours of the night peeing and having trouble breathing so not so quick for you. Xoxoxo

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