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“Coo-pons” or “Q-pons”

October 15, 2010

However you pronouce that lovely little word, it is my friend this week. 

Remember the other week when I was having issues with finding bedding for the boys’ big boy room?  Well, thanks to JCPenny having a bit more of a sale and then a bonus 20% off coupon that I received in the mail, the price of the boys bedding that I’ve been coveting finally entered into my “reasonable to pay for a KIDS TWIN quilt” price range.

Hopefully, in another week, the boys’ room will be one step closer to looking like a bedroom rather than a catch all.  With any luck, in another few weeks, we’ll find out that I can get rid of the blue that’s still claiming the nursery too.  Although truth be told, even if #3 is another little boy, I think the blue still has to go.   Too much of the same – 3 kids having the same nursery just seems a bit on the blah side to me.  Now, if I could just wrangle someone into taking the boys while I go on a massive painting binge…..

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