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Bullets – that’s all you’re gettin’ folks.

July 30, 2010

I have, roughly, a bajillion photos to share.  That of course means that it will be about another month before I even get close to uploading them all for you to see.  Yes, I realize that the total amount of time it would take me to upload these bajillion photos is about 15 minutes max, but let’s be honest, if I were to ever get that uninterupted 15 minutes of time, there are so many other things that I could be doing.  Things like opening a book to pretend I’m going to read it, returning the 15 messages on my voicemail, fix my toe nail polish so that my feet no longer look like they belong to Shrek, pick my nose or butt or whatever other thing that needs picking at the moment…..  oh, the endless options.

So, that being said (and you now being sufficiently sickened and sorry you ever stopped by this odd little blog), I’ll move on to my random list of bullets that will make you wish I had simply opted to pick my nose….

  • I think my days as a lifeguard are trying to come back and haunt me.  The new soap at the office smells oddly of Hawaian Tropic Sun Tan Lotion (you know, the SPF 4 stuff that we wore so that we could look like we came from south of the border by the end of summer?).  I came across a bottle of Cocoa Butter lotion that was my savior during those years – I used that stuff like crazy to help prevent the lovely leather skin that comes with all of that sun.  While going through boxes of office “stuff,” I came across my prized lifeguarding whistle – that thing was the loudest, shrillest noise around, which made it perfect for scaring the pool kids and keeping them in line.  And the sad thing is that I remember all of that.
  • I’m wondering where my kid got the idea that peanuts in the shell are “cow treats.”  Elephants I would understand, but cows?  I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen a cow eat a peanut.  Not like that’s stopping Nolan from running out to the cows to try to convince them to eat one though.  And I’m not entirely sure what I should think about Nolan holding up a peanut, yelling “cow treat,” and then proceeding to try to feed it to Cooper.
  • Speaking of cows and Cooper….  yesterday at his well baby appointment, the doctor was showing me his progress on the growth chart – it went something like this:  See that line right there, that’s the 99% mark for weight.  See that dot WAY above the line, that’s Cooper.   To be fair, his height is at the 99% line and his head measured at the 97% line.  Whew – at least the boy’s fairly well proportioned.
  • There may be something wrong with Brandon.  That, or he’s decided that he’s too attached to a part of his male anatomy to continue to do things that put it in danger.  The other night, he actually WARNED me that there was a snake in his lunchbox!  Well, more specifically, he said “you may not want to open my lunchbox,” which told me all I needed to know.  Still, the boy is learning!
  • Nolan is now making it through the night without wetting the bed!  He seems to have his daddy’s bladder though, which means he occassionally wakes up in the middle of the night to go pee in the toilet, then goes back to bed.  While I’m thrilled he’s making it to the toilet, let’s just say that there’s quite a mess to see come morning time.  The boy may have his daddy’s bladder, but he wakes up like his Auntie Jo (which is scary, to say the least) – if he dribbles a bit when he’s fully awake, imagine what happens when he’s in a zombie-like state.  Imagine the “Exorcist,” except instead of green vomit, it’s pee.  Yep, those mornings are always off to a fun start.
  • I’m on a craft/DIY home improvement kick.  Only one problem – I haven’t the time or the closeness to a Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann’s Fabric.  Ok, those are two problems.  I’m hoping to remedy the time issue sometime in the next 19 years or so.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • We just got one of those big wooden play sets.  You know, the one with the slide, swings, monkey bars, platform that’s way off the ground.  We scored it for $75 and all it needs is a few coats of stain/sealer!  Good thing we got it for a deal – do you know how much it’s going to cost us in doctor bills for broken bones and concussions?!  The memories may be priceless, but let me assure you, those doctor bills are NOT.
  • We’ve been doing some camping this year, which has been a nice change since we didn’t get to do much of it last summer with me being super pregnant until July and then having a newborn for the remainder of camping season.  This year has presented us with a new challenge though.  Nolan’s pretty well potty trained, but by that I mean that he doesn’t pee/poop his pants – this doesn’t necessarily mean that he goes in the toilet 100% of the time.  He’s a boy, and a country boy at that, which means the world outside the house is his own personal toilet.  To keep him from dropping drawers in the middle of the campsites, we’ve been designating a “pee” object – a pee rock, a pee tree, or what have you so that at least he keeps his “business” in one spot and preferable not near anything that we’d rather not have pee on (remember the aim issue I spoke of earlier?).  This has proved to not only be a great technique, it’s also provided us with many a great photo.  I’m thinking of creating a series of these photos over his lifetime – you know, something we can share with all future girlfriends.  Oh, my boys are going to LOVE me when they get older, just you wait.  =)

Well, I believe that may be enough drivel for now.  Keep checking back, I’m sure to have photos up in a year or so – maybe.

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    August 5, 2010 6:33 am

    I love your updates! A pee rock — I am still laughing!


  2. August 5, 2010 4:34 pm

    Thanks for the updates…. certainly could have gone without the “picking” comments.

    • August 5, 2010 6:29 pm

      I’d think that with two little ones of your own, you’d be plenty use to “picking” issues. =)

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