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April 15, 2010

Folks, I’ve got nothin’.  Not even a glimmer of a somethin’.  And I’ve apparently lost all desire to use g’s at the end of words – must be a spring thing.

I do have a wee bit of a spring in my step today….  it’s so AMAZINGLY nice today!  Warm, sunny, no wind – I even heard that there’s to be a high of 69 today.  I repeat, 69!  Spring may actually be here.  Wait, pretend I didn’t say that – I don’t want the snow gods to get any ideas.

I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend our new fence is finished, that way monkey boy can play around outside without me having to constantly wrangle him away from the barn.  It’s a much happier home when I can just shove the boy in the back yard and know he’s contained there. 

Oooh, that brings me to a glimmer of a somethin’…..   in the near future, I’ll be needing your help.  I’ll be posting some photos of the outside of our house because I need some input from you out there in blurker land (this is the time to speak up folks).  Our house needs painted in a bad, painful way.  Along with paining, it’ll be receiving a few extra details here and there (shutters, covered back porch, etc.).  I need some creative input.  I need y’all to speak up and tell me colors, accents, and such.  So be prepared – get your creative juices flowing.  If you’re like me, think of it as a way to live vicariously by decorating someone else’s home – I do this to so many people, it’s crazy.  I tell my husband I need 4 houses to get all of my ideas out and on wood, and since that’s a far cry from reality, I’ll live vicariously through others and their home renovations.  It’s just what I do. 

And I thought I had no words.  Silly me, should have known better – when do I ever shut up?!

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