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It’s all about the eggs

April 5, 2010

Here’s a recap of our Easter 2010 festivities….

It all began Saturday morning.  We headed over to the park in Baker for total Easter egg chaos.  It amazes me how packed the park is ever year, even with all the snow we had on the ground this year!  The folks who put this on do a GREAT job.  There are sections for every age group.  This year, the toddler section was done in rows, allowing the parents to follow along on the outside of the row to coach the young’ins.

My boys taking it all in.

Scouting it all out.

Such an excited face.

Receiving some last minute coaching.

Sharing his candy with Daddy.

Apparently the candy wasn't as good as was expected.

After the craziness at the park, we headed to Ross’ house for coffee, Guitar Hero, visiting, and of course demolishing the loot the kids received from the egg hunt.

Ross giving the boys instructions.

Egg dying festivities continued when we got home. 

Then Sunday rolled around.  We had some friends come out for an Easter Potluck.  There was tons of food, lots of candy, more chaos than you can imagine, a few more egg  hunts thrown in, and of course a great time.

Hubby contemplated hiding white eggs in the snow to challenge the kids’ hunting abilities.  I think they may have been to young for that one this year, but I expect to see it happen at least once in their life times.  Not that I’m looking forward to another white Easter though.  The white stuff is great for Christmas, but for Easter?  Not so much.

It was a great weekend, but let me tell ya, I am READY for a nap.  If only….

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  1. April 21, 2010 1:18 am

    I think Cooper might be my favorite kid ever.

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