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The explorer.

February 21, 2010

Nolan loves to explore.  He loves playing outside.  The poor kid has cabin fever right now.  He and I are both ready for spring.  In the spring, he can wander in and out of the house, playing in the back yard as he chooses.  In the winter, it’s not so easy since before going outside, you need to bundle up in a coat, boots, hat, gloves, and such – well, you need to if you would like to not catch frostbite anyhow – and it just puts a damper on going out, especially if you’re independent and want to do it all yourself.

He’s pretty well trained at this point, that if he wants to go outside, he needs to go put on his outterwear.  These last couple weeks have been relatively warm, and this is what I saw the other day…

He apparently couldn’t get his coat on (it was lying by the back door), so settled for a hat that he pulled from somewhere and his boots, and off he went.

“Victory!”  Ok, so maybe that’s not what he said, but look at that face – he’s one happy camper.  If I had this on video, you would also see his little happy dance that followed.  And because I’ve given up all hope for obtaining a Mother of the Year Award, I let the kid play outside without his coat for a bit. 

We need spring.  We need nice weather.  We need warmth.  We need to play outside and explore for bugs.  Well, I think I’ll leave that last part for Nolan to do by himself, but I’ll happily watch him from my lounge in the sun.  That whole Mother of the Year thing is overrated anyhow.

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