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It’s love.

February 2, 2010

Yesterday, my friend Lizzy cracked me up with her issues about lists.  I, like Lizzy, am addicted to lists.  They make my world go ’round, skirt fly up, and all that other jazz.  However, also like Lizzy, my lists often don’t get done – more times than not, the list gets lost or destroyed before I have a hope in hell in completing the stinkin’ thing, so I create a zillion more through out the week.  As much as I would love to blame this on giving life to two monsters (like I blame my forgetfulness, love handles, self diagnosed narcolepsy, crankiness, and any other less-than-wonderful qualities), well, even I can’t stretch it that far (I know, shocker!).

Since I was running out of things to blame my scatteredness on, I decided to search for a solution. 

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Franklin Covey planners.  They offer a weekly layout that works perfectly for my odd brain – I need my days all lined up at the top with appointment times going down, that way I know if my mornings are more busy one part of the week or visa versa.  Here’s my problem though, there was plenty of space for all of my appointments, but not near enough room to keep track of lists.  This meant that I had my planner for appointments and then another notebook for my lists (and by notebook, I mean one of 5 different notebooks because I usually lost one they seemed to periodically self-combust, a random piece of scratch paper, a post-it note or 10, or something along those lines).  So, lists were not easy to keep track of.

Another problem – I always had the classic (rather big) size binder and just purchased the refills.  This was all fine and dandy, until I had kids and can’t seem to go anywhere without 4 bags in tow (purse, diaper bag, laptop case, lunch bag, and sometimes another bag just because for giggles).  I knew I could blame something on the monsters.  =)   The binder wasn’t practical to drag around with me everywhere, so if a client called while I was out and about, I’d have to either remember the appointment I set (yeah, not such a great idea with my mother memory) or jot it down on a scrach something or other from the bottom of my bag (and that’s just plain scary).

Then I found my love – the Franklin Covey “Perspective” wirebound weekly planner.  There’s enough space on top for all (or almost all, depending on the crazy day/week) of my weekly appointments, but more importantly, there’s a ton of space for my lists!I can have two sections for my work to-do’s, two sections for my personal to-do’s, a section for groceries, a section for things I need from other stores, and still some space left over!  It’s perfect space alotment for me.  Another huge thing….  it’s wirebound and not the binder!   This mean’s it’s literally 1/4 of the size!  It’s still the “classic” size so that I don’t have to squint to read things, but it’s so much thinner!  This easily fits into my purse, which means it’s always on me.  If a client happens to call when I’m grocery shopping, no problem, I can set the appointment right then (since I have my planner out anyway, looking at the grocery list I wrote down in there).  If I’m with friends and we’re setting a date for next month’s get-together, no problem because I have my purse with planner right there!  No forgetting the date again! 

Ok, I realize it may be odd to be this in love with a planner, but I just can’t help myself.  If you’re in the market for a new organizational tool, try it, it just might make your skirt fly up too.

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