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Procrastination at its finest.

February 1, 2010

It’s Monday morning, and although my planner is jam packed with to-dos for the week, I’m just not feelin’ it.  So, instead of doing something productive, I’m going to share with you my procrastination aids.  These are sites that I love to check out, especially when there’s something else I could/should be doing.  Hope you enjoy! – seriously, love this site!  Be careful though, it could turn you on to many new hobbies.  It’s dangerous. – she just cracks me up. – this one’s great for DIY (do it yourself) projects.  Great ideas! – again, a home decorating site, but there are some great ideas on here. – I know, shoot me, but it’s another home one.  She links to lots of other great sites too. – this is the brainchild from PW (  It’s amazing for new recipes!  Be very careful though, do not go to this site when hungry, it’s just evil then.

Hope this makes you as useless as me.  It’ll make me feel better to not be the only one procrastinating like it’s my job.

Happy Monday!

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