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Steer clear – it’s for your own good.

January 27, 2010

If you know what’s good for you, you should probably steer clear of me this week.  I have not been a very patient or nice person these last couple days, and no, Aunt Flo is not here for a visit.

Of course, truth be told, I think it has nothing to do with me.  I believe these people were exceedingly stupid.


It started out Monday morning with me being a bit snippy and matter-of-fact’ish, which wouldn’t have been too much of anything, except that my lovely patience seemed to get shorter and shorter as the day went on. 

In the afternoon, I had to deal with Mr. Slimey at the car dealership.  He was lucky that his balls were still intact when I left.  Using phrases like “I don’t know where you’re getting your information,” “that hasn’t been the case since the 60’s,” showing me a Suburban when I specifically said Acadia, and then calling me later with information on a Traverse when I at no point in time mentioned this rig, are sure fire ways to loose a ball or two when dealing with me.  Really dude, I realize I look like a high schooler, but I’m thinking you need to be treating everyone, even high schoolers, with more respect than you treated me.  And for future reference, when I layout EXACTLY what I’m looking for and tell you that I will NOT negotiate on any of these terms, that means don’t try to sell me anything that’s not on my list.  It could seriously curtail your lifespan.

Then yesterday rolls around and I had the wonderful task of going in to the cell phone place to have them fix my phone since it decided that it no longer wanted anything to do with email.  Stupid thing.  The owner, the gal who always fixes my phone issues and is a gem, wasn’t there.  I should have just walked out at that point.  Instead, a high school girl took my phone, fiddled with it, then said she knows nothing about Blackberries and looks at me with a blank stare.  Alrighty then.  So I ask when my gal (she’s now mine, I stake claim on her because I adore her) will be back, and I get the great answer of “uh…”   So, I suggest that she call/text/whatever to see when she’s coming back as it’s clear no one else will be able to be of any assistance.  She takes my advice and comes back to tell me that my gal will be back any minute.  And 20 minutes later, nothing.  Ugh.  I tell her I’m leaving to run another errand and she tells me that my gal should be back any minute.  Really blank-stare-girl, any minute?  As in another 20 minutes?  No apologies, no offer of help, no coffee, no questions, no stinkin’ nothing.   I realize she’s only a high schooler, but seriously, a 10 year old could have done something more than she did – sitting there with a blank stare does nothing.   I have a thing with incompetent people.  Sorry.

Luckily, I haven’t wanted to rip anyone a new one today, and the day’s halfway over, so maybe the week is turning around.  Anyone else have those days/weeks/months where you swear that everyone you deal with is a rambling idiot?

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  1. AKgrandpa permalink
    January 29, 2010 4:08 pm

    Hang in there hon. Eventually karma will rain down on the evil idiots down there. One of the many bene’s of living in AK is that we good folks don’t have to wait too long up here. The evil ones just “disappear” in a boating “accident”, usually in a crab pot. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of morons, but if they are of the harmless variety and waiting for the “little bus” they are allowed to subsist.
    Here’s a happy thought – Suggest to the evil ones that they oughta take a cruise to AK. That should give you a chuckle. On an average over 3,000 folks go missing in AK every year, or so says google. Chlorine in the gene pool is a good thing.
    Love, Dad
    PS: Kiss the lads for me.

  2. Crazy Grandma permalink
    January 30, 2010 8:21 pm

    you are turning into your Mother, stupid people intolerance and fashion sense while at home. but do tell me, do you feel that “oh stupid people look” coming on or does it just jump out?

    • February 1, 2010 6:06 pm

      Let’s just hope that the lovely fashion sense only shows itself at home! And I’m pretty sure I feel the “look” coming on, but have yet to care enough to hold it back.

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