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Feast or Famon

December 15, 2009

What can I say, this blog seems to be an all or nothing kind of deal.  I try to keep up on it regularly, really I do, but the blog imitates life in the area of feast or famon.

Here’s a quick update of the last month….

  • Our kitchen cabinets arrived!  Of course, they showed up the day before Thanksgiving, but that was just fine – we put our guests to work, they slaved away all evening on Wednesday and finished up most of the work on Thanksgiving.  Thankfully, Brandon was in charge of the turkey, which meant that it was deep-fried out in the shop.  I made quick work of the side dishes on the stove.  All it all, it was a great Thanksgiving!  Nolan was a big help with the cabinet installation as well.

  • We hit up the Starlight Parade in La Grande the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Nolan and Cooper both enjoyed the floats with all their lights.

  • The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I headed up to Portland for 4 days to attend a conference.  My mom came down to stay with the boys.  Needless to say, they were completely spoiled when I got back.  Nolan showed Crazy Grandma how well he can dress himself.

  • Nolan has decided that he LOVES the rainboots he received from our friend Quinn.  He loves that he can put them on all by himself.  This is a common sight in our house…

  • And Cooper continues to grow (and grow, and grow, and grow).  No teeth yet, but by the buckets of drool this kid is producing every 5 minutes, they must be coming soon.

  • Coop’s new favorite thing to do is hang out in the Johnny Jump Up.  I think this lovely invention has been as entertaining for him as it has been for us.  Love this little gadget.  Coop love it so much, he’s bounced himself to sleep on more than one occasion.

And I think that just about catches us up.  I’m watching snow fly like crazy outside.  We’ve had over 5 inches so far this morning and it shows no sign of letting up.  Looks like we’ll definitely be getting a White Christmas after all!

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