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Trick or Treat….

November 12, 2009

So, a couple weeks later, here’s our Halloween update. 

Brandon made it back from bird hunting just in time.  We didn’t do much door-to-door trick or treating, just stopped by a few friends’ houses to say hi and let the kids play for a bit. 

Here’s a photo of the motley crew.  There’s a monkey (Cooper), a princess (Evan), an elephant (Nolan), and a baseball player (Xander), and of course two mommies as crew leaders.  These kids to quite a bit of playing together.  All close in age, and another mother who knows what it’s like to have two kids under two years (Evan and Xander are about 16 months apart as well).

October 141

Nolan was done with having his photo taken.  Unfortunately, he’s in this stage where he’d rather play with the camera than smile for it.  Ugh.

October 145

This costume still cracks me up.  I loved it last year with Nolan in it, and again this year with Cooper.  Silly monkeys.

October 160

And we finished the evening with a little house warming get-together at a friend’s new house that she just closed on.  Her and her family spent all day moving her in and we showed up at the end for Chinese food.  Yes, we’re bad friends.  At least the boys provided entertainment – Nolan spent the evening playing chase with the dog, and let me tell you, watching an elephant chase a dog is pretty darn comical.  Coop did his part by attempting to ride the dog (with a bit of assistance), and then spent rest of the evening slobbering on all the gals.

October 150

All in all, a very fun Halloween for the Briels Bunch.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see our neice for Halloween, but here’s a photo of her (thanks Amber!).  Can you guess who she’s suppose to be?


Cyndi Lauper!  How stinkin’ cute is she?!  Her mother has brought her up well, instilling a love an appreciation of the 80’s in her. 

Here’s another photo of her, because you really need to see the whole outfit.


Here’s one of the niece and the two nephews (the one in bandages and the one with the hunter orange vest).  Fun group!


Now, if we could only convince them to move to Baker….


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