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November 4, 2009

The other weekend, a couple of my favorite people came to visit.  It seems that I never get to see my favorite people near enough.  Annie and Jonathan came down for a long weekend.  Jonathan was able to get some duck hunting in and Annie and I were able spend some time doing what we do best – chatting, eating, drinking, and laughing.

Sometimes, it’s great being a girl.  We can spend a whole weekend doing nothing, but feel like we didn’t waste a moment.  For Annie and I, a weekend of “nothing” is about the best gift ever.

The timing was great too.  Brandon made it back from deer hunting hours before Annie and Jonathan arrived.  I think we were all spoiled.

Brandon was able to visit and sneak in some extra hunting time with Jonathan.  The pups were spoiled with all the birds they got to hunt up and retrieve.  I was able to spend time with Annie.  The boys were loved on constantly by their Aunt Annie and Uncle Jonathan.  It was one happy household, let me tell ya.

October 061

October 072

October 069

October 080

October 091

And lucky me, I have to go to a training in Portland in another few weeks, so I’ll be seeing these two again, very soon.

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