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Bionic Doggy.

November 4, 2009

In a few hours, Hannah will officially be bionic.

04-21-09 020

After a trip to our regular vet and a set of x-rays, it was pretty darn apparent that the blonde needed a new hip.   The doc wasn’t sure how she was still walking on it, let alone hunting and jumping around.  Sure, she’s pretty sore afterwards, but according to him, she shouldn’t be able to do them in the first place.  She’s a tough one I tell ya.

04-21-09 004

How could we not get a new hip for her?  Who else would Nolan have to chase around and lay on?  Porter definitely isn’t stepping up to fill that position, and the cat’s a little too easy for Nolan to squish.  And the girl’s got lots of pep left in her. 

Come next bird season, she’ll be ready to do some damage.  As for me, I’ll be hanging out in Sun Valley until 5 tonight, trying to occupy my time until I can go rescue the cute girl.

And if you’ve never been to Sun Valley, it’s a very pretty place.  Reminds me a lot of Whistler, only I don’t think the skiing’s as great.  I’m willing to bet the prices are just as steep though.  Think I’ll be doing some window shopping later this afternoon….

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