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Sad, sad day.

September 4, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day – we said goodbye to the cows.  The feed in the pasture was starting to get low, so it was time for them to head to the sale.  On the bright side, since they’re all good lookin’ heifers, they probably went to somewhere other than the “house” (it just looked too mean to write “slaughter house”).  I’m sure gonna miss those girls – they were so nice and gentle, they even let Nolan walk up to them in the middle of the pasture.  I don’t know how I’m going to entertain Nolan now either – they were his favorite.  Who’s he going to talk to now when he’s out in the back yard?

4 014 

I swear I have more photos of the little Coop man, they just happen to be on the other camera which I haven’t had a chance to download yet.  Nolan thinks he needs to help whenever the laptop and/or camera are out – not a good thing.  More photos of Coop are coming soon.

4 031

Thank goodness it’s still nice outside.  I’m going to be in a world of hurt when I can’t just open the door and let the kid roam.  Keep in mind, he’s usually bare foot and in his pjs – somehow, I don’t think the snow’s going to allow this.

4 040


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