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Going away.

June 28, 2009

Last weekend we said good-bye to some great friends that are officially west-siders now.  Although it’s a great opportunity for them, we’re sad to see them go.  They’re little boy, Chayton, is two months older than Nolan and they play so darn well together.  On the bright side, us girls already have plans on the calendar for some girls weekends in Hood River that will entail many wine tasting outings.

We had a little BBQ at the park in La Grande before they had to get on the road.  Brandon and I were very surprised to see that they had also put together a surprise baby shower for us as well.  Such great friends.

Here are a few photos from the festivities, which didn’t get rained out.  Thank goodness for the weatherman being wrong.

Monkey was a total mess – between the watermelon, hot dogs, and dirt, he was a disaster.  We stripped him down before we headed home, which was great because then we just threw him in bed for the night.

Peck's Going Away 013

Although we were lucky and missed the rain, it was still a bit chilly.  Here’s Jessica warming her hands on the grill.  Pretty sure we all took turns doing this.  Except for the wee-ones, they were too busy running around and playing on the slide.

Peck's Going Away 018

After everyone ate, the three of us girls may have sat down in front of the cake with forks in hand.  There was no cake left by the time we were packing up.

Peck's Going Away 017

Sorry for the darkness, but I really just don’t have the patience to go in and photoshop the darn thing right now.  This would be the three of us girls, all of whom are pregnant, all due about 2 months apart – me in July, Leanna in September, and Jessica in November.  Now the demolition of the cake seems a bit justified.

Peck's Going Away 022

And a quick photo of most of the group.  Getting everyone together is darn near impossible, but we managed to get most everyone in this one.  And to think, in a year’s time there will be over twice as many kids running around.  Oh lordy!

Peck's Going Away 025

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