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At last!

June 22, 2009

These last two weeks have been horrible as far as my sleep is concerned.  Pregnancy sleep sucks anyway, but these last two weeks have really been hell.  Getting up every hour (and there’s no exageration there) to go pee is just miserable.  If and when I do actually get comfy, it’s time to ge pee again.  Ugh.  It’s gotten so bad that several nights either Brandon or myself have ended up in the guest bed because neither of us is comfortable and we figure having the whole bed to ourselves may just ease it a bit.  Sadly, this only helps a bit.

Last night, I enjoyed not only having to go pee a simple 3 times (which is looking pretty good now-a-days), but I was actually comfortable!  Of course, that made getting out of bed at 6:20 (which is late for us) simply horrible.  The night in a while where I’ve been comfy and I have to get up at a reasonable time to make it to meetings in the morning.  Ugh.  I repeat, ugh.

My fingers are crossed for tonight.  I miss sleep.  I can’t wait for these last two weeks to be over with.  Nighttime nursings I can handle. It’s not being comfortable that takes its toll on me.

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