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June 12, 2009

Last weekend, I headed over to the Boise area for the bridal shower and bachelorette party for one of my nearest and dearest.  So much fun!  Great food, lots of laughs, and of course seeing great friends that I don’t get to see near enough (and yes, I realize that Boise is only a 2 hour drive, but our lives are just insane).

One thing that was so refreshing…..  girls and their ability to pose for a photo in 2 nanoseconds.  Oh, how I miss that!  All it takes is simply saying, “photo” or “girls” and they instantly do this…

06-06-2009 003

They look and smile!  And aren’t these girls super cute?!  Love them!  No complaints about how they’re in the middle of trying to catch a fish or that I’ve already taken a gazillion photos, and no running away trying to find the next thing to stick in their mouth.  I forget how nice it is to have your subjects happy to take a photo at the drop of a hat.

Now, while I’m not going to go into details of the fun festivities, I do have to share this one photo.  There’s a funny story behind it, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of those that you had to be there to get the full force of the humor.  But the photo itself is a bit creepy, and really, it just makes me laugh.  The “button head man” just cracks me up.

06-06-2009 036

Here’s a photo of the guest of honor.  Love her!

06-06-2009 011

And by the end of the night, we looked like a pack of drowned rats walking back to the hotel.  So wish I had a photo of that.  The joys of rain in June.

Yay for a fun girls weekend!

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