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Mother’s Day Weekend

May 15, 2009

Yes, I’m really that far behind on updating this thing.  Not that I haven’t been checking out everyone else’s blogs, I just haven’t had the time/energy to update mine. 

Last weekend we had a slew of family here – Brandon’s dad, 2 uncles, and niece.  The boys headed off for a sturgeon fishing adventure (the 2 uncles had never experienced the joy of catching prehistoric fish) Friday afternoon and and most of Saturday. 

sturgeon fishing briels bros 020

While they were playing with the fish, Kylee, Nolan, and I entertained ourselves with some random adventures.  Friday evening we headed out to show a house to a couple friends of mine – the work never ends, but when it’s for friends, I really don’t mind.  Saturday, we decided to hit up the Baker park since it was so stinkin’ nice – I’m talking shorts and a t-shirt weather, no jacket in sight!  From there we did some other exploring and finished the day up by making a batch of peanut butter cookies.  Kylee was in charge of making the cookies, and they turned out so good they didn’t last the weekend!

I’m pretty sure Nolan’s wondering if Kylee can keep up with his wild ways.

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 002

He really was having fun, I swear. 

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 007

He loved the slide!  After going down by himself a few times, he decided that he should try walking up the darn thing.  This one is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure.

The boy and his sticks….  I think he may be spending too much time playing with the dogs.

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 019

And there he goes…

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 020

And down he goes….

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 022

After some running around at the park, we decided to walk downtown to see what neat stuff we could find.  Although none of the stores really sparked Kylee’s interest, the feed store did have something fun for us…

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 010

Nolan and Kylee were loving the baby chicks!  The gentleman working there was even nice enough to hold one for Nolan to pet and he let Kylee hold her own.

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 012

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 013

On Sunday, we headed out to a friend’s cabin on the Snake River to do some fishing.  Brandon wrangled Nolan while I lounged in the sun watched the poles.  Nolan was excited to get to play in the water, the boy loves the water.  Pants be darned – the shirt was still a must with all the sun.

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 026

Mother's Day Weekend 2009 033

The day was finished off with a BBQ, where I did nothing but eat, and lots of cocoa butter on my legs that ended up looking like lobsters by the end of the day.  Yay for sun and a day of relaxing by the water!

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  1. Holly permalink
    May 15, 2009 11:06 pm

    Again you tell stories about the bad looking things you do to yourself but no pictures. Nolan is getting to look more and more like his Daddy all the time. Except for the nose…

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