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Weekend Update

April 21, 2009

This weekend was a full one.

Brandon headed up to the Columbia for the last weekend of sturgeon fishing. 

Nolan went to spend the weekend with Crazy Grandma up in Joseph. 

I had our monthly girls cards night on Friday, showed property for the first part of Saturday, then came home to do some painting.  I was going to make the most of my weekend alone.

Our girls cards night also happened to fall just a couple days before Jessica’s birthday, so we decided to make a little birthday celebration of it as well.  The food this month was SO STINKIN’ GOOD!  Between the mexican chicken vegetable soup, the chicken enchiladas, homemade mac and cheese, and cake, I was in trouble.  We all went home with leftovers of each.  Truthfully, the food is one of my favorite parts of our get-togethers.  I love the girls and the conversation, but the food is right up there too.  

Here are a couple of the girls lighting the birthday candles.  I just realized that evening that we don’t qualify for one box of candles anymore – there are only 24 candles in the standard box, so we now have to bump up to two boxes. 


And here are some before and after photos of the living room.  Sorry, photos of me and my lovely painting outfit are unavailable.

Here’s the before.  Although I really liked the green color, by the time we put the sectional in there, they were just too similar in color and it wasn’t working for me.



Here’s the after.  It turned out a bit more on the blue side than I had hoped (I was after something a bit more gray), but its better than it was and I’m happy with it. 



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  1. Sarah permalink
    April 21, 2009 11:56 pm

    So. You moved heavy furniture. Inhaled paint fumes. AND got caught looking less than cute. All in all, a fine day! : )

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