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Oh lordy, it’s going to be a weekend!

April 17, 2009

a VERY BUSY weekend!

I met my mom (aka, Crazy Grandma) this afternoon to hand off Nolan for the weekend.  He’s in for a couple days of crazy shinanigans with his Crazy Grandma and silly Auntie Jo.  I’m sure he’ll come back thoroughly spoiled.

Brandon takes off this evening for a weekend of sturgeon fishing on the Columbia with a group of friends and a total of 3 boats.  They’ll leave tonight after they all get off work, spend the night up at the river, and will be on the water right at daylight.  This is the last weekend to keep sturgeon (WAY earlier than in years past), so I’m hoping the trip is filled with lots of fishies and hopefully some keepers.

As for me, tonight is our monthly girls cards night!  I look forward to this night every month.  It’s always entirely too much fun and filled with lots of good food!  I love seeing what new dishes the girls bring.  This past weekend one of the gals, who’s also preggo, and I were talking and comfort food was really sounding good, so my contribution this week is homemade mac and cheese (heavy on the cheese). 

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing properties for most of the day.  Although I’d rather be at home enjoying the sunshine and working on projects in the lovely weather we’re suppose to have, these clients are great people and fun to spend time with.  Plus, we’ll get to see some pretty country on our house hunting tour, so it’s not such a bad day at work. 

I do however have a surprise project planned for Saturday late afternoon/evening since I’ll still be sans kid and the hubby won’t be back until VERY late (you can’t pry him off the river before dark, it’s when the fishing gets good and he’s not leaving unless there’s a fire under his butt or the boat’s literally filling with water).  I’m pretty excited for this one.  I’ll be sure to post pictures come Monday.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned!  For those of you in the Portland area, all I have to say about your expected weather for Monday is, you suck.  Seriously?!  80 degrees?!  I’m VERY jealous!  Enjoy it.

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    April 18, 2009 12:12 am

    What is your surprise project?? I am so intrigued!!

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