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It must be wrong.

April 7, 2009

It says that it’s 56 outside.  I think my thermometer is off its rocker – it feels MUCH warmer than that.  Yesterday it said 62, but I was in shorts and a tank top, so I’m fairly certain the thing has a few screws loose.

The monkey should be waking up from his nap any moment now.  I’m going to finish uploading a new listing, then the boy and I are going to go enjoy this…


I think the agenda may also include setting up his basketball hoop and teeter-totter, and of course giving them a good test drive, and I may do some more yard work while the little explorer finds more fun things to put in his mouth (he apparently has a taste for rocks and dirt clumps that look like rocks).  Then, I think we’ll head out for a walk.  I’m going to do as much in the sunshine as possible since the rain’s suppose to hit tomorrow.  Boo for rain.

The poor landscaping has been hanging out in the freezer (that far off the back burner) since we bought the place – getting the inside done was the priority and a huge undertaking.  Now that the inside is decent (of course, I feel the need to change out all the paint colors yet again and there’s still some minor detail work, but I can easily gloss over those things), my goal is to tackle the landscaping this spring/summer.  Nolan loves playing outside and I need some flowers and prettiness around here, so that will be our mission over the next few months.  We’ll see how it goes, I’ve never had much of a green thumb.

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