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The Blahs.

March 30, 2009

A friend, who happens to be due with her baby girl the same time I’m due with Deuce, sent me a text that I could only relate to too well.  “Did you ever hit a point in your pregnancy where you were so bored you literally went stir crazy?”

Oh yes, defintely yes, and I’m there now.  It’s an odd place to be.  At this point, I either lack the motivation or ability to do some of the big, fun projects that I would like to do – or the weather has put a kibosh on it, that’s always a possibility.  I realize that there are a ton of little things that I could be working on, but they’re just not fun.  I need something that will give me instant gratification and be a big reveal, but not take too much energy, time or planning.  Basically, I want it all and the universe is just not cooperating.

I should be caulking the window and door trim.  Finishing the chair rail in Nolan’s room.  Something along those lines – the small, finishing details that I often leave undone.

What I really want to be working on is painting several rooms in my house.  Well, repainting really, since they were all just painted a year ago, but I have since decided that I don’t like the colors. 

The living room needs a new color since the old color now blends too much with the new sectional. 

The dining room needs a lighter, more cheerful color because now that the furniture is in and we actually use the room and spend time in it, I’ve decided that it’s just too dark and dreary. 

The bathroom needs a new color because for the life of me, I can NOT get it right in that room!  I blame it on the odd lighting.  I have put 3 colors in that damn room, each not what I had in mind.   The color looks great on the swatch, great when taped on the wall, but horrible once all the paint’s up.  Ugh.  This room may be the death of me.

Our bedroom needs paint too.  When we moved in, well actually before we moved in, I went through and painted everything I very light beige.  Everything just needed a fresh coat of paint to feel clean (I’m odd like that).  Now that most of the major remodel projects are done (flooring, wall removals and additions, window and door removals and additionls) and the house is feeling like a home and not a construction zone, the decorating is starting, which means painting – again.

Oh, and I can’t forget the formal living room.  Although I love the idea of a red room, the color just isn’t working for me any more.  Really, even without my color change, this room would have needed repainted because of the french doors we added, so I can justify this one a bit more.  The other rooms are simply because the color isn’t agreeing with me. 

I really hope that my new color aversions aren’t just a result of my hormones.  That could be bad.  Now if I can just find the motivation to get to painting, I’ll be ok.  Oh, that and find some time where the monkey isn’t running around in the house – dog tails in the paint I can handle, a little kid dumping a gallon of paint, not so much.

Anyone up for a painting party?

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    March 31, 2009 11:35 pm

    I LOVE your red room!! Don’t change it 🙂

    God… your “friend” needs to get a life! Maybe she could get to work on her list as long as yours. Except, like you, I want instant gratification and be a big reveal, but not take too much energy, time or planning. Uggh.

    Painting starts this weekend so maybe I can actually start moving furniture in and start decorating. Again… back to the energy thing. Shoot me now.


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