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She thinks my tractor’s sexy.

March 27, 2009

My boys were working away yesterday in the backhoe.  It made me smile.  One year old is just about right to start learning how to work a backhoe.


Brandon rigged Nolan’s baby carseat (which he’s entirely to big for, but it works great as a little seat) to fit in the backhoe so he could hang out with daddy while daddy works on building the dirt bike track.


Look how happy my boys are!  They’re waving to me as I’m standing in the bucket that Brandon just lifted up – oh, the things I do for a photo.  I’m SO sad that this one turned out blurry – it may be one of my favorites.  Darnit anyway.


Just look at the admiration in that little boy’s face.  He simply adores his dad.

And while my boys were out playing in the dirt with tractors, I made some of the best meatballs ever!  I don’t often say great things about my cooking because, well, it’s far from great, but these meatballs were just plain good.  They were quick, easy, and only required a few ingredients (all of which I had on hand) for the balls and sauce – which are my requirements for food.  Truly, the sauce may have been my favorite part – it was a glorious sweet/sour combo.  I’m extremely excited for lunch today, which happens to be a meatball sandwich thanks to the leftovers last night.  Hmmm, 10:30 is about lunch time, right?

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