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Weekend Re-Cap

March 23, 2009

Oh lordy, it was a doozy of a weekend – super great and super busy. 

I was able to spend the weekend with one of my best friends, Ali, whom I don’t get to see nearly enough.  She’s now doing her vet internship up in Pullman, which is surprisingly close to Baker.  She and her boyfriend Chris were making a trip down to Wallowa for the weekend because the steelhead fishing is suppose to be super right now and one of Chris’ friends had offered to take him.  Well, Wallowa is only 1.5 hours away from me, so I ran up and kidnapped Ali.  We traveled up to Joseph, an adorable little town in NE Oregon, and ate some good food (yay for having a mother who ownes a cafe up there), let the dog and kid stretch their legs at the lake, tooled around in one of my favorite little stores, and had a great drive back to Baker.  We spent rest of the day playing fetch with the dogs and kid and making cupcakes for Nolan’s birthday party.  It’s always so great to see wonderful friends – it’s never enough time.  Ali will be heading to Illinois in July for a 3 year residency in vetrinary oncology, which means she, myself, and our other dear friend Annie (who is also Ali’s sister-in-law) have already started making plans for a girls week in Chigaco next spring!


* You’ll have to ignore the concrete fireplace in the background – that’s one of our projects that still remains.  At some point, it will be covered in river rock.

While Ali, Nolan, and I were tooling around on Saturday, Brandon had other plans.  Brandon’s dad and our friend Larry Todd came up for the weekend to do some sturgeon fishing on the columbia.  At 4am on Saturday, they made their way to the river and spent the day catching big, dinosaur-looking fish.  They even managed to catch 2 keepers, which is pretty unheard of since you can only keep fish that measure between 4 and 5 feet – and Johnny Law is a stickler on the measurements.  Here’s Larry Todd kissing one of the sturgeon he caught (not one of the keepers though).  It’s boat tradition for everyone to kiss any sturgeon that are hauled onto the boat – no one wants to piss of the sturgeon gods.


On Sunday, we had a little party for Nolan’s birthday.  I realize that a party for a 1 year old is a bit silly as he’s never going to remember it, but it serves as a good excuse to get a bunch of the adults together for food, cake, foosball, and just to hang out.

There were gummy worms on Nolan’s cake, which he apparently liked more than the cake itself.


After a while though, he figured out how to make the mess with the cake.  Honestly, he was much less messy than I had expected him to be.



Here’s Nolan sportin’ the rabbit fur hat that his Uncle Jesse made for him.  Jesse has spoiled this kid with hand-made moccasins, complete with fur trim and fringe, and now a true rabbit had.  Jesse does everything on these items himself – everything from catching the animal to tanning the hide to sewing the items.  It’s amazing what he can do.  Nolan’s pretty lucky.


Here’s Nolan playing with his Uncle Jesse (and of course Hannah in the background, because she’s never too far away).  I’m not sure who’s more excited – Jesse or Nolan.  I love to watch these big boys play with my little one and it’s amazing to me how GREAT they are with him.  I can already see years down the road and all of the hunting and fishing trips they’ll be taking him on.  It makes me smile – every little boy should have a slew a great “uncles” like Nolan has.


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