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An unexpected weekend.

March 17, 2009

For not having any real plans to be super productive and/or work on projects, it sure seems like we got a lot done around the house this weekend.


  • The office is once again an office instead of a home to random construction materials, boxes, tools, things that have been left on the kitchen counter for too long, and dust bunnies!  Even the bookshelf is now being used to hold books rather than miscellaneous papers and odd objects.


  • The curio cabinet/hutch in the dining room is no longer the holding place for the receipts for our tax returns (those have been nicely filed in our now organized office).  The cabinet is once again holding pretty flowers, candles, and picture frames – yay.


  • The dining room table is no longer the catch-all for a few extra receipts and a light fixture.  The light fixture has been hung in the room (although we’re still waiting to make another trip to Ontario/Boise to the Home Depot to get another matching one as our original lighting plans for the room have been altered and we now need two hanging pendants).  The table is sporting a fresh table cloth and flowers.


  • The original towel bars in the bathroom have been replaced with the new ones – the new ones that were purchased about a year ago, but have been hanging out until we got around to doing the simple replacement.  The old ones have been utilized in the ½ bath – yay for recycling/reusing.


  • The spare bed in Nolan’s room is no longer a laundry basket – it can now be used as a bed once again.  All of the laundry has been washed, dried, folded, hung, and put away.  I’m sure this will need to be done again in another couple of weeks.  No matter how hard I want to try to keep up on this, it just doesn’t happen.


  • All beds have fresh linens.


  • The floors have all been cleaned.


  • Several loaves of bread were made (thanks again for the breadmachine Mom!).


  • A huge batch of banana pancakes were made and put in the freezer for the monkey man.  These are his favorite and they allow us to get some extra stuff done in the mornings while he’s stuffing his face with a healthy breakfast.  And really, they taste so good – much better than those stupid Egos.


And, we even managed to watch a movie, visit with friends, play a bit of Family Feud on the Super Nintendo, join a group of friends for a joint birthday party, and Brandon snuck in some riding on the mini.  Turns out it was a great thing we were so productive over the weekend – looks like we’ll have a bunch of visitors this weekend, including one of my nearest and dearest friends Miss Ali! 


This week’s agenda also includes getting things ready for the monkey’s birthday party!  We’ll do a small thing with just the three of us tomorrow for his actual birthday (holy cow, I can’t believe he’s a year old!) and then on Sunday we’ll have a big get-together for everyone else.  I mean really, any excuse to get friends together and eat cake sounds good to me.  Now, I just need to start planning a menu and get the shopping done….

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