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Who’d a thunk it?

March 13, 2009

Apparently, this whole 30 Day Shred video (I know, I keep calling it the 30 Minute video) is a new craze.

While procrastinating, I wondered around the blogging world and discovered that there’s not only a bunch of folks doing the shred, but there’s even a group called the “shredheads,” which from what I can tell, is like an online support group for those that are shredding. 

Another little tid-bit that I’ve found is that the majority of the shredders out there are moms with wee ones.  I’m thinking there’s one big reason for this – it’s 20 minutes!  There’s no excuse not to find 20 minutes in your day, even with a couple of wee ones running around.  An hour, well, that I can find many excuses for – 20 minutes, not so much.

So far so good.  I started on Monday and have done it every other day.  My plan is to do it every day (for 20 minutes, I can’t not do it every day), but this week has had a few monkey-wrenches thrown in.  I’m trying to just go with the flow this time and if I miss a day, so what.  I’m thinking this will end with beter results than my typical mindset that if I miss a day I might as well just quit because all the progress made is now somehow ruined.  I will say, that for only 20 minutes, I can feel the burn during the workout and the next day.  Of course, keep in mind that I’m amazingly out of shape – that could have something to do with the extra burn I’m feeling.  Hopefully this will change some of that.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    March 14, 2009 6:21 am

    How is the little passenger reacting to all this jiving about??

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