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March 6, 2009

Yesterday, Nolan went to his first State Tournament basketball game.  Not his first basketball game, but definitely the biggest so far.  He seemed to enjoy it – all the clapping, the action of the game, and the bunches of people to flirt with. 

Here is is with Auntie Jo, who was only too excited to show him off.


Here are a few of the monkey, well, just being a monkey.  You can’t expect the almost-one-year-old to hold still for an entire game.




And here’s one of me, Nolan, and my sister finishing up the game day.


Nolan and I went back today to catch the Crane Girls game against Joseph with my mom.  It was a close one, should have been the championship match-up as they’re probably the two best teams.  Went in to overtime, but Crane just couldn’t pull it off.  Nolan enjoyed all the action again, but by the time overtime rolled around, he dozed off for a little nap.  That’s my boy, managing to catch some z’s in the middle of a basketball game in overtime – he definitely got my sleeping ability.  And this is only the beginning of his sports filled life, I’m sure.  He was tucked into bed by 6:45 tonight – no complaints here.

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