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Such a good fit!

February 18, 2009

I love our daycare.  It’s perfect for us.

Today, I went to pick up Nolan and Jessica (the daycare lady) says, “I’m so sorry, he’s pretty dirty today.  We spent a lot of time playing outside today because it was so nice, and he spent some time walking, crawling, and sitting, so his clothes got pretty dirty.”  I just laughed.  I told her he could come home every day in just a diaper – so long as he’s having fun, I don’t care how dirty his clothes get.  Today he fed the horses, eat some hay himself, chase the dogs, look at the goats, run after the chickens, and of course play with the other kids.  He had so much and played so hard outside that when they sat down for lunch, he ate a bit and then fell asleep in the highchair.

I love that Nolan gets to play with other kids close to his age and play with animals too.  The family that does the daycare is very active and outdoorsy, similar to us, so Nolan gets all sorts of exposure and hands on activities.  Jessica’s style of parenting is very smilar to mine, and all three of her kids are very pleasant, happy, and well mannered. 

It’s just a great fit for us.  I’m thrilled that we’ve found a daycare that feels more like family than child care.  The other day when we left, Maddie (the daycare lady’s 2 year old daughter) said, “Bye Nolan, love you!”  Yep, definitely a good fit.

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