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60 minutes…

February 10, 2009

Of unintentional hilarity.

Did anyone else catch the 60 Minutes last night featuring Captain Sully?  If you weren’t able to catch it, you should really google it or something.

Captain Sully may be one of the most humble people I’ve seen in a while.  The guy lands a plane in the Hudson River, no deaths, and when people call him a hero, he says he’s just a pilot doing his job.  I enjoy him.  I enjoyed the interview of him on 60 Minutes even more.  The interviewer (Katie Couric) kept trying to dramatize the whole incident, trying to glam it up.   Here are some examples of questions she asked and answers that were provided by Captain Sully:

KC:  Were you thinking about the other passengers when you realized you had to put the plane down?  Did you pray?

CS:  No, I was busy flying the plane.

KC:  The 3 minutes the whole ordeal took must have felt like a lifetime.

CS:  Not really, it felt like 3 minutes.

KC:  How did you know you hit a bird?

CS:  I heard it, felt it, and smelled it.

KC:  What did you smell?

CS:  It smelled like a burnt bird.

Now, had Captain Sully said it smelled like BBQ chicken, that would have just made my night.  So funny.  For some reason, Brandon and I just found the whole interview hilarious.

The 60 Minute program also had a segment on Coldplay towards the end.  Again, a very humble group, and again, I got a little chuckle out of it.  Chris Martin, the lead singer, has some of the funniest dance moves I have seen lately.  Now, I am the epitome of white girl with no rhythm, so I don’t say this maliciously, but his dance moves are truly entertaining.  Check him out if you have a spare moment.

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