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Warning Needed.

February 5, 2009

** Warning, if you’re a guy and tend to not like to hear about “girl” issues, stop reading now.


So I go into the doctor today for what I assume will be a normal check-up – you know the drill, weight, blood pressure, anything new, the general questions.  Boy howdy, I was WRONG.

After the weigh in (always pleasant), I follow the nurse into the exam room.  As I’m looking around while she’s taking my blood pressure, I notice a gown on the table and the “girly exam” tools on the counter.  Uh-oh, not prepared for that one.  I must have had the deer-in-headlights look because she looks at me and says, “I’m not sure if he’ll want to do the pelvic exam today or not, but I wanted to be ready for it incase he did.”   Well, isn’t that just great – the nurse gets to be prepared for the pelvic exam, but not me.

Ok, now I realize the doc is quite familiar with my nether-regions, being as how he delivered my kid 10 1/2 months ago, but really, I’m still not comfortable with my legs being in stirrups – AT ALL.  I’m the type of person that needs to mentall prepare for this – and more than mentally prepare, I prefer to be physically prepared as well.  I realize that all of this has nothing to do with my doctor and everything to do with my neurotic self, but really, I like to be prepared.  Today, I was not – and I was not thrilled about it.  Of course it was over before I could really register what was going on, but still, next time folks, I would like a little bit of notice.

And next time, I promise to leave the doctor details to myself, but I was just a bit peeved today and felt the need to vent.  So blogging world, there you have it.

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    February 5, 2009 8:10 pm

    SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! They really should give you some kind of warning…

    I wasn’t prepared and my va-jay-jay could have used some grooming. All in all, not a great experience.

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