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Wonderful, Fabulous

January 15, 2009

That was my night – great!

Yesterday was a LONG day – leave the house at 7:15, meeting and tour at 8:30, working and shuffling the kid all day, showings at 5:15, with a kid, it all just makes for a very long day.  By the time we got home, it was 7:30, which is late for my grandma-like schedule.

I walked in the door and the house smelled like yummy stew – thank you, Mr. Crockpot, no need to worry about what’s for dinner!  That right there was wonderful, because I was STARVING.  Brandon had finished the tedious, pain-in-the-ass molding on the stairs in the dining room and it looked fabulous!  He then says, I’ll clean off the table and we can set Nolan in the high chair, light the candles on the table, and have a nice family dinner.  Oh, music to my ears!

Nolan then proceeds to get fussy, because really, it’s his bedtime and he’s had a long day too.  Brandon sits down with Nolan and gives him a bottle – he’s out like trout.  Nolan goes down for bed and Brandon and I get to have a nice dinner together, at the table, no bibs or baby mush involved.  Hallelujah!  We even have the lovely 90’s music channel on XM playing in the background – and they were playing GREAT music last night, total blast from the past music.

To cap it all of, we settled on the couch with a bowl of ice cream to watch Garry Unmarried. 

In my world, that’s a perfect night.  Completely impromptu, very laid-back, and totally fabulous.  What can I say, I’m not a glitz and glam kinda gal and last night fit me to a tee.  Our new goal, to be able to do this 2-3 nights a week.  I’m going to work hard for this one.

P.S.  For some odd reason, I could not get photos to post on yesterday’s blog entry.  Since technology is on my side today (knock on wood), the photos are now up.

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