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So much to do….

December 31, 2008

….and so little time in which to do it!  Seems like that is our life in a nutshell, especially as of late.

After a week away from home, hopping from town to town, visiting with friends and family that we see entirely too little of, and celebrating about 4 Christmases, we are pooped.  Although it was SO great to see everyone, the traveling has taken its toll on this one. 

As I’m still in the middle of unpacking clothes, washing clothes, putting away gifts, wrapping the last few presents that I still have to deliver, finishing up New Years cards (because lets face it, my act was just not together enough to do Christmas cards), trying to get the house in some sort of order, cooking hams so that my freezer isn’t packed with 5 of them, and catching up with clients and following up on closings, I just don’t have the darn time to do a fun holiday re-cap post.  So, until my tires quit screaching, you get the abreviated list of what we’ve been up to….

  • The little monkey is extremely mobile – scrawling, furniture surfing, you name it, he’s in it.  The kid has learned to pull himself up onto just about anything and then takes off.  Last night, he even learned to crawl up the couple of stairs into the game room.  Not sure I’m really loving this new stage that has come on so quickly.
  • Nolan is one lucky boy to have such great friends and family.  And really, we’re pretty lucky parents to have so many people who love, support, and care for our little one.  And luckily, he’s too young to realize just how spoiled he is!
  • I’ve decided that Nolan is definitely a man’s man.  The boy likes everyone, be he really seems to gravitate towards men – or maybe it’s the men that gravitate towards this little, chunky boy.  It seemed like Nolan’s many “uncles” just couldn’t get enough of him.  It just makes me smile to see these big, burly men coddle this little boy – rocking him to sleep, arguing over who’s turn it is to play with him, lecturing one another over what is and isn’t ok to feed him.  I have no doubt that these uncles will be the source of many stories throughout Nolan’s life.
  • A good friend of ours just got engaged over the holiday.  We are SO excited for them both!  I’m just hoping our group doesn’t scare her off. She’s spent some time with Brandon and hasn’t run off yet, so I figure we’re safe.  😉
  • Because we’ve been on the go so much this holiday season, I don’t feel like I’ve been able to fully enjoy my Christmas decorations.  That being said, I may just leave them up for another week or so.  Plus, it may just take me that long to get through all the laundry and other stuff in my way before I can even think about taking on another project.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  Photos to come soon.  Hopefully New Years cards will be arriving even sooner. =)    Have a GREAT New Year’s Eve and be sure to celebrate for us, as I’m sure we’ll be well asleep by 10 tonight.

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    January 6, 2009 11:25 pm

    I’m ready to see Mr. Nolan in his 1st Christmas glory!

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