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I’m back….

November 19, 2008
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For a brief moment anyhow.  Come Wednesday, we’ll be heading to New York for a week, so expect another long hiatus in the near future.  I wish I could squeeze more time into this blog, but every time I seem to have a few free minutes, they get sucked up by something else.

Exciting news in our home…..  get ready for this……  we may actually have a dining room by the end of the weekend!! 

So excited for this!  Our soon-to-be dining room is right off the kitchen and is pretty much in the heart of the house, so having it be a catch-all/work room/partial kitchen has made the whole house look like it’s in even more turmoil than it really is.  Brandon and I are going to bust buns this weekend to get the floor down in there (after we move everything else out, like the stove, fridge, saw, etc.) so we can actually have a place to sit and eat, other than the couch.  The game room is primed and waiting for paint and flooring.  I need to go and look at some flooring options today (we don’t have enough of the flooring that’s in rest of the house to finish the game room), so we’re a bit on hold for that, but I’m thinking we can get that painted before we leave for NY, then it’s just the floor we’re waiting on. 

THEN, once the game room is done, the mounts can be moved back into there from the formal living room (now being used as a catch-all/storage area), thus freeing up the formal living room for the Christmas tree!!  Yes, that is the driving force of this all – that room is pretty much destined to hold a Christmas tree, and our goal is to make that happen this year.  I know, I’m a bit neurotic about this, but that’s just how I am.

My heart goes out to all of you that may be in the middle of home renovations – so stressful!

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  1. November 20, 2008 3:10 am

    You’re just gonna have to stay put and rest, aren’t ya? I get all flummoxed (SP?) when I have to do more than three things in one day. Ugh.

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