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Busy, Busy

August 28, 2008

Ok, so I know I’ve been slacking lately.  I’ve decided this blog is like just about everything else in my life – it seems to work on a “feast or famon” schedule.  I’m still up in the air about how I feel about this type of schedule, but we seem to not have drown yet.

Work has been insane these last few weeks.  Back in the office for 8+ hour days.  Luckily, Nolan plays pretty darn well and doesn’t seem to mind all the attention he gets from everyone in the office and just about everyone else who passes through our doors. 

Made it through the chaos that is a wedding – bachelorette and bachelor parties, bridal shower, rehearsal, alterations, hair appointments, and the big to-do.  With Brandon and I being the best man and matron of honor, Nolan was passed around quite a bit durring the big day – he received many compliments and made us very proud (funny how they can make you proud at this young of an age).

Brandon has been kicking some serious house ass this last little bit.  He wants to be done with the house in the worst way – and I’m in total agreement.  We were originally thinking that we’d tackle the kitchen/dining room over winter – not any more.  We are now in the design stage for the cabinets – very exciting, but VERY difficult.  Brandon wants to hammer this thing out by the end of September if at all possible.  Looking at the calendar, if we don’t do it in September, we may never get to it!  Between one more wedding, holidays, football games, and the MANY hunting seasons, there are hardly any free weekends between now and the first of the year.  That whole “slowing down during winter” thing is really just a figment of my imagination.

Speaking of which….  I am SO ready for Fall!!  The cold weather is sneaking in, I’ve seen a few leaves changing colors already, football is all over the TV (Brandon and Nolan have started the early morning bonding of watching the ESPN news shows in the morning).  I have the urge to bake – constantly.  Yep, Fall is definitely around the corner.

I will hopefully have some fun photos to share soon.  Haven’t gotten around to getting them off the camera yet….  just another thing on my many to-do lists (really, one just isn’t enough).

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  1. Lizzy permalink
    August 28, 2008 9:44 pm

    Are you guys coming to any home games?? Let me know — I’ll fill you in on where we are tailgating 🙂

    I would love it!


  2. Lizzy permalink
    September 2, 2008 9:37 pm

    Check out my blog — I made the annoucement!!

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