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4th of July Happenings

July 7, 2008

Oh, what a weekend….

Brandon, Nolan, and I headed to the Snake River Friday morning withthe two pups and a boat load of camping gear in tow.  Much to our surprise, our camping spot just below the natural hot springs was still available – we were pretty convinced that it would be taken with it being a busy camping weekend, but it seems that mant folks opted to stay home and save on the fuel.  After stomping down 8 foot tall weeds and setting up the tent, our spot was starting to feel pretty cozy. 

It was just the three of us on Friday.  We tried to sneak in a bit of fishing, and a “bit” was about all that was achieved – Nolan put up with the life jacket for about half and hour and then was done (although he did manage to take a catnap in it while on the boat).  Can’t blame the guy, the life jacket looks a bit uncomfortable for those with no neck.

taking the jacket for a test drive

taking the jacket for a test drive

our little fisherman

our little fisherman

  We finished off the night by playing in the hot springs, grilling up some grease-dogs (a must for camping), and playing “I Spy” (forgot the cards, but we were able to entertain ourselves none-the-less).  Overall, a fun night with the family.

Saturday, we were joined by many friends, including Nolan’s buddy Chaytonwho is 2 months older than him.  With so many friends around and 2 boats in total, we were able to take turns wakeboarding, fishing, and watching the wee-ones.  After a year of not wakeboarding, let’s just say I’m feeling it a bit today.


In not so fun news, Brandon and I seem to have brought home a souveneir of the weekend – poison sumac.  Neeless to say, we’re a bit itchy.  Hopefully it runs its course sooner than later.  Being itchy tends to make a person a bit crabby, so if I’m less than pleasant this week, that would be the reason.

Overall, it was a fun and memorable 4th of July with Nolan.  Hope everyone else enjoyed theirs!

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  1. July 8, 2008 1:52 pm

    Gotta say, you are ambitious! Looks like loads of fun, and you know you have to pay for having so much fun! And I agree – hard to enjoy certain things when you have no neck!

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